• 24 hours services
  • One and only resort on St. Martins
  • 5 minutes walking distance to Chera Dip
  • Generator and solar system facilities 24/7
  • Standard food and beverage
  • Beautiful Green site by the resort
  • Strong security system
  • Sports (beach volley and football)
  • 24 hour reception
  • Available Mineral water
  • Tent adventure facility
  • Beach site BBQ
  • Transport facility form Jetty to resort
  • 5 steps to sea
  • Sunrise view from your room window
  • Night time party option
  • Bonfire arrangements
We offer very special facilities for the honeymoon couple. Our aim is to ensure that you will never forget your honeymoon: this moment being one of the highlights of your life. We wish that you retain the memory of your time spent with us and if possible share some of your experiences with us.


The crystal clear water of Coral Blue’s adjacent cheradip area is the best in entire Bangladesh for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Fishing trip

This can be a great day time adventure. We have all modern fishing facilities in Coral Blue Resort to support your fishing trip.

Boat ride

You can hire boats and take a great boat ride to the nearby areas.

  • Has to be previously communicated